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My Birthday

Essay : [My Birthday]

English Essay on "My Birthday"

My Birthday

Points: Introduction The friends invited - My new resolve – Future plane of my daily routine - Description of the occasion Conclusion.
Last Thursday was my birth day. Though I usually read late into the night and wake up late in the morning, I got up very early last Thursday. I observe a special programme on my birthday every year. The day was full of engagements and merry making.
I have a number of friends. I go increasing their number by one every year. Last Thursday it was my sixteenth. birthday. So I invited my sixteen friends to my birth day celebration.
I resolved to bring a better change in my life on the birthday. I looked over the year which came to an end on last Thursday. I felt sad that a whole year had passed away and I was none the better for it. I, therefore, resolved to do my best this year.
With such a thought, I prepared a daily routine for myself. I resolved to follow it throughout the year. I am glad to say that till now I have not missed a single item in the plan I made for myself last Thursday.
My birth day party was arranged in the evening. My sisters took interest in decorating the main hall room. There was joy and pleasure every where My mother was full of smiles. The guests came in time. They all congratulated me on my birthday. Their kind words filled one with joy. I was overwhelmed with joy to receive a wrist watch from my uncle as my birth day gift. The guests were entertained with nice dishes. There was also a programme of light music. One of my friends thrilled all of us by his sweet songs. At the request of my friend I also sang a song. I was deeply moved by the affection shown to me by my elders. We badly missed our elder brother who was in the statch for higher studies. The function was rounded up by 10 O'clock in the
I bade good night to my parents and retired to my room to sleep. I slept and I did not know who awakened me next morning on Friday, fresh and ready to do my day's work.

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