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What I Would Do If I Were Rich

English Essay [What I Would Do If I Were Rich]

English Essay on What I Would Do If I Were Rich

What I Would Do If I Were Rich

Points: Introduction - Social works - Conclusion.
If we look around, we find that there is too much of poverty in this world. There are some people who are so poor that they cannot have even two plain meals a day. There are others who have not enough clothes to wear. Again there are some who have no houses to live in. Some are so helpless that when they fail ill they cannot send for the doctor or buy medicine. All this is very sad.
Now the question is: __ What would I do if I were rich? If I were rich, I would try to feed and clothe as many poor people as I could. I shall even provide some of them with houses. I shall open hospitals where consultation will be free. The medicines will also be supplied free of charge. In other words, I shall do everything in my power to put an end to as much of poverty and misery as I can.
Besides doing the things I have already mentioned, I would like to do one or two more things for the poor. For instance, I shall start night schools for them, where they will learn reading and writing. This will enable them to read newspapers and to take some interest in what is going on around them. If once they get interested in books, they will not waste their time and money. In fact, it has been said by a very wise man, that one who opens a school closes a prison. I think by giving education to the poor I shall make them better men.
There are some poor people who are able-bodied but have no work to do. All their life they have probably learnt no useful trade. I shall try to open schools for such people so that they may learn to do something useful. There are many crafts which are very easy to learn. They do not require much capital or skill; but, at the same time, they bring enough money with which to support one's family. I will try to instruct the poor in such trades as might enable them to earn their livelihood.
I would open as many libraries and reading rooms for the poor as I can. These will be started at convenient places to which the poor can have access without any difficulty. There they will get newspapers and magazines to read. These will give them all the news that they want. But in addition to these; they will have fine books. There will be biographies, stories, books on history and travel. In one word, they will have there such books as will appeal to them very much.
I remember once I gave a Poor man the biography of a great man to read. After a few days he came back to me and said, "It was a very fine book. How I should like to be a great man like him ! He was also poor like me once, but he became great on account of hard work. Who knows I also may do well in life?"
These are some of the things I will do for the poor.

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