Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Earth Quake of Pakistan - English Essay

The Earth Quake of Pakistan

English Essay on "The Earth Quake of Pakistan"

1- Introduction
In October 8, 2005, Saturday, 3 Ramdan-ul-Mubarak at 8:52 am, Pakistani time. It was very dangerous time that time the whole city was destroyed with the earthquake, and many people were killed and many people injured. This city is very dangerously damaged and all the injured people were carrying for his saving.

2- Before the satiation of Earthquake
Before the Earthquake, All the people were living very happily. Life was according to the present situation. The people of this city were mostly agricultural and were working on the season’s crops. This city was very beautiful and covered with the biggest mountain, beautiful fields and other many beautiful parks.

Disgrace of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) - English Essay

Disgrace Of Muhammad (S.A.W)

English Essay on "Disgrace Of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W)"

1. Introduction
Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa (S.A.W) is the last prophet of Allah. Hazrat Mohommad (S.A.W) the pillar of Islam was born in 571* A.D. at Makkah. Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.W) belonged to the Nobel family of Quraish.

2. Publishing Cartons in Print Media
The Eastern Countries printed in our print media, of Cartoon’s Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa (S.A.W). He was a christen man, and the cartoonist of Denmark. It was very dangerous time on our religion Islam and was very bad time that Denmark printed in his newspapers of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.W) of Cartoons.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Horror of Nuclear War

Horror of Nuclear War

English Essay on "Horror of Nuclear War"

War has always been americliess Act. If we turn over the pages of history we find that conqueror in the past took delight in bloodshed, cruelty and plunder of all thing it is the demon of war which we hate. The warmongers may love it. But the common man wants peace. Wars are always terrifying and hojorrible. The world has seen two devastating wars during the last sixty seven years in which both the victors and the world suffered during these two wars. Millions of men, women and children had been killed and wounded. Millions of people had been made homeless and suffered from proverty, I hunger and disease. The scene of destruction caused by these wears was horrible. In fact, Hell if self was let lose. War not only destroys the bodies, but kills the souls also.

Morals and manners to winds. War passions of human being are excited. They behave in a most cruel and in human way. Sacred traditions are totally forgotten. Spiritual beliefs of many are shaken man becomes almost a beast. Wars have become more dangerous in the present times. The numerous destructive weapons invented by man science can put an end to the entire world in no time. Ours is an atomic age.

Friday, 2 January 2015

The Problem of Education In Pakistan

The Problem of Education In Pakistan

English Essay on "The Problem of Education In Pakistan"

The Problem of Education In Pakistan Introduction-why standards are low How to improve-Conclusion. The standard of education in the country is steadily falling. The students turn out every wear from our educational institution are not up to the mark, they are much be low the expected standard. Let us find out where does the evil lie. In fact our education lacks meaning and purpose. The national education policy in every country is planned according to its environs and conditions. In the socialist countries, for instance, the educations so designed as to strengthened the infrastructure of socialism.

But when it in Pakistan’s turn, any talk of giving ideology basis to our education is held in contempt. The process of undermining the ideological basis still continues unabated. The entire syallab right from the lower to the higher level should be planned accordance with ideology of the country.

Space Travel

Space Travel

English Essay on "Space Travel"

Perhaps the most wonderful result or space travel so far is man’s successful landing on the moon. The space ship travelling to the moon had to move out of the pull of the earth. The while returning from the moon. It had to move out of its pull. Space travel has been very useful to man. It has helped us to learn about the outer space. Spacemen have brought useful information about the rays in space. They have brought pieces of rocks from there.

All this helps us to understand what is found in the moon and other planets. Now, television programmes of one country an easily be shown in other countries through artificial satellites. The people in all the parts of a big country or in several countries can watch the television programmes of one station at the same time because of these satellites. Wirele’s links may also be established through them. Thus, space travel has brought nations and countries closer.