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Holy Prophet (PBUH) as a Military Commander - English Essay

Holy Prophet (PBUH) as a Military Commander

English Essay on "Holy Prophet (PBUH) as a Military Commander"

Most of the people think of a Prophet (PBUH) as an ascetic removed from this world’s hustle and bustle, concerned with something etherial and transcendental, hard for common people to comprehend, much less to practise. It is different with the Prophet of Islam (PBUH). He had a multi-dimensional personality. That is why Allah has termed his personality Best Model for Believers to follow. He was a model in his personal moral life, in his family life, in his community and social relations, in his reform mission, in his political and military life Life in Makkah had made it clear that unless there is a separate State for Mus1ins it would be hard for them to practise Islam. For establishing a State acquisition of power and for maintaining peace war sometimes becomes necessary. It is evident that despite the peace-loving nature of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) the enemies did• no allow him to live in peace at Madinah also. So during his 10 years at Madina he was forced to engage himself in continued battles against enemies. Notwithstanding his advanced age, he had to spend his Madinite period mostly in battles and military expeditions. The way in which he inspired his followers for jehad and guided them in critical times speaks highly o his success as a military commander. His war policies provide guidance even today.

His Bravery: The Holy Prophet (PBUH) was very brave. He feared nothing except Allah. In his youth he had wielded lancet Abu Bara, had knocked down thrice a known wrestler, Rukana. Not caring for the enemies at his house door, he stepped out alone during the Hijra night. In the cave of Thaur he comforted his companion, Abu Bakr (RA).

Prophet’s Pioneering Role - English Essay

Prophet’s Pioneering Role

English Essay on "Prophet’s Pioneering Role"

The Prophet (peace be upon him) under the Divine guidance created an ideally just and a highly successful sociopolitical order in the seventh century. This order shall for ever remain the archetypal model of polity and statecraft for mankind in general and Muslims in particular. However, far greater achievement of the Prophet was the laying of those firm foundations on which this order was based. For his singular success mainly consisted in establishing the kingdom of God in the hearts and souls of the believers. Thereafter, it was no longer difficult to erect and sustain the edifice of an ideally just and balanced social and political moral and spiritual order, that claimed the voluntary loyalty and total commitment of the believer s community.

First the Prophet transformed the believers through teaching and cleansing their minds and hearts from all those ailments and perversions that hinder moral development and screen the light of guidance from illuminating the interior self of man. Once this real stupendous task was accomplished, and Muslims formed a well-integrated community of faith, the other fruits of this human crop appeared in quick succession and full blossom.

When Muslims migrated from Makkah after going through thirteen years long taming of souls and training of minds, and joined their brethren in faith at Madinah, there emerged on the stage of history, an ideal moral and spiritual community and at the same time a perfect pattern of sociopolitics.

Muslims in Aftermath of 9/11 - English Essay

Muslims in Aftermath of 9/11

English Essay on "Muslims in Aftermath of 9/11"

Until a year ago Islam and Muslims were not only secure but vibrant in America and much of Europe. It is not quite the same now. In some instances life for Muslims living in the West has become difficult, and governments in Muslim countries have come under new pressures since the events of September 11, 2001.

What exactly did happen on that day? A dozen or so Arab Muslims hijacked three American airliners, took control, smashed into two tall buildings in New York city and a section of one in Washington, D.C., demolished the structures, and killed three to four thousand persons working in them. The loss of life and property was heavy enough to cause Americans stunning shock, profound agony, and then anger.

But more was involved. Never since the War of 1812 (with Britain) had any hostile foreign force ever hit mainland America. And now a small group of men from the Third World had has the audacity to strike the richest and the mightiest nation on earth. How insulting, nay humiliating! The attackers were not a bunch of “naughty boys or hoodlums. Nor did they lust for blood, taking delight in the act of killing. They killed to register a dramatic protest against a perceived American policy of dominating, exploiting, and oppressing Muslim peoples directly or through puppet regimes.

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Divine Revelation A Sociological Approach - English Essay

Concept of Life After Death and Its Impacts On Human Life - English Essay

Concept of Life After Death and Its Impacts On Human Life

English Essay on "Concept of Life After Death and Its Impacts On Human Life"

This much is known to everyone that whoever is born into the world has got to die one day or the other. But nobody knows what happens or will happen after death. This is known only to Allah. Allah vouchsafes the knowledge of it to His Prophets and through the Prophets men also come to know about it. Every prophet of Allah, in his time, hid revealed clearly to his people though what stages they would have to pass after death and how at each stage they would be recompensed for their deeds — good as well as bad -- during the earthly sojourn. Since the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is the last of the Divine Apostles aid Messengers, and no prophet is going to be raised up after him, the different stages through which a man has to pass after death have been explained by him in greatest detail and with utmost clarity. There are to follow three stages after death.

The First Stage runs from death to Resurrection. It is called barzakh (the interval between death and Resurrection). Whether a person is buried when he dies or he is cremated or cast into the river his soul does not perish with him it is immortal; it lives. It only migrates from the material world of ours to anot0her world. In the other world the angels question him about his spiritual state. If he is a truthful Believer, he gives the correct answers whereupon the angels impart to him the glad tidings that he is going to live in peace and happiness till the last Day.