Friday, 6 November 2015

Present Crisis of the Muslim Ummah - English Essay

Present Crisis of the Muslim Ummah

English Essay on "Present Crisis of the Muslim Ummah"

Since September 11, the Ummah is faced with the option of going down into the oblivion of hist1ory or to rise, from the ashes and once more dominate history. Islam rose from the Arabian desert alike a storm. It transformed the illiterate Arabs, who defeated the two superpowers of that period, Iran and Byzantium. Under the Ommayads the Muslims conquered the area from Sindh to the Atlantic Ocean and upto Samarqand and Bokhara. Finally in the last period of conquests, the Ottomans conquered Turkey, Eastern Europe, and Southern Russia.

Apart from this the Muslims ruled Spain for 700 years. And in South East Asia Islam was spread in Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines by Arab traders. In the Indo-Pak sub-continent, conquered by Turkish dynasties, then by Pathans (Afghans) and finally by the Mughuls for seven hundred years-the Muslims were supreme.

Lest it be thought this overemphasizes the role of the Muslim conquerors, let us come to the role of the philosophers, ulema, mashaikh, poets, linguists, jurists and above all scientists during this Muslim period.

Let is start with commentators on the Quran, as it was only the Quran, which motivated the Muslims in every field. Various commentaries made it possible for Muslims in general to comprehend it. Then the Muslims concentrated on Hadith.

Then there were vast contributions to Fiqah. Experts did not enunciate Islamic Law haphazardly, but first identified doctrines and then based the law on the Quran, the Hadith, Ijma and Qayas.

Technological Advances & Islam - English Essay

Technological Advances & Islam

English Essay on "Technological Advances & Islam"

President General Pervez Musharraf once again stressed on jihad-e-akbar against illiteracy, poverty and backwardness at the 10th meeting of the OIC’s COMSTECH ministerial standing committee.

He urged the leaders of the Muslim world to set up multi-billion dollar projects for the development of science and technology. He also advised the Muslim scholars, religious leaders and social scientists to accept the challenge of projection of Islamic teachings in right perspective to dispel the erroneous impressions about the Muslims.

Indeed, Musharraf’s speech was very impressive and directed at the right target. However, as a matter of fact, General Musharraf’s advice, particularly to the people of Pakistan, is not a new one. Our Lop politicians, bureaucrats, military rulers, intellectuals have been giving the same kind of sermonS for the last 50 years.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Islam, Militarism & Democracy - English Essay

Islam, Militarism & Democracy

English Essay on "Islam, Militarism & Democracy"

Regrettably, even the leading thinkers of our country seem to be falling prey to superficial thinking and fallacies of logic. Because they are unable to identify clearly the underlying causal relationships, they remain ignorant of the true nature of the problems facing our nation. Ideological compulsions, party affiliations and worldly relations cloud their perceptions of the current human situation.

For example, our thinkers have adopted the comfortable trait of escaping any serious thinking on our national problems by readily placing the blame for al our ills on the feudal (Jagirdars), when the issue i not mre1y of feudalism but of the global exploitative capitalism; feudalism is just one of its many manifestations. The issue is not of one social class or the other but of the global socio-economic system; which is based on oppression arid tyranny, economic exploitation and social stratification.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Islam & Science - English Essay

Islam & Science

English Essay on "Islam & Science"

Why is it that for the last 500 years, the Muslim world has been so deficient in producing scientists and philosophers? Why is it that even now when the ummah commands such immense resources we lag so far behind in science and technology?

The reason is that the Muslim world has fallen victim to irrationalism, obscurantism, traditionalism and dogmatism. We love cliches. We play with platitudes. We are good at repeating timeworn and moth-eaten views. We revel in interpretation, but flinch from creative thinking. We bask in the glory of the past. We do riot have the courage to face harsh reality. We are in the stranglehold of mimesis. As Iqbal puts it: “We do not change, instead we change the Quran.” Intellectual stagnation is our lot. The historians and philosophers may differ about problems concerning science, but they are unanimous as regards the need of a particular weltanschauung (worldview) for the rise, growth and blossoming of science, which cannot develop in an atmosphere vitiated by fanaticism, intolerance, conservatism and irrationalism.

Science needs a weltanschauung whose keynote is enlightenment with tolerance, humanism and rationalism, as its driving force. As Iqbal puts it: “The truth is that all search for knowledge is essentially a form of prayer.

Islam & Modernity - English Essay

Islam & Modernity

English Essay on "Islam & Modernity"

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, in an article published in The Guardian, has compared militant Islam to Bolshevism and advocated massive use of force against it. “Islamic extremism today”, she writes, “like Bolshevism in the past, is an armed doctrine. It is an aggressive ideology promoted by fanatical well-armed devotees. And, like communism, it requires an all-embracing long-term strategy to defeat it.” Applauding American success against “Islamic terrorism”, Mrs. Thatcher has favoured strikes at “other centres of Islamic terror” in Africa, South-east Asia and elsewhere. Also she asks the West to cripple Muslim “rogue states” like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Sudan because they are “enemies of western values and interests”.

Mrs. Thatcher’s call for a crusade against militant Islam is almost an endorsement of what Professor Samuel Huntington forecast some years ago in his monumental work, The Clash of Civilizations: the next round would be between Islam and the West.

If the “second crusade” prediction comes true it will be a titanic global tragedy. But the worst sufferers will be Muslims because, unlike the Richard-Saladin crusade, this will be an altogether unequal contest.