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If Winter Comes, Can Spring Be Far Behind - English Essay if-winter-comes-can-spring-be-far-behind-english-essay

If Winter Comes, Can Spring Be Far Behind

English Essay on "If Winter Comes, Can Spring Be Far Behind"

“A quickening life from the earth’s heart has burst,
As it has ever done, with change and motion,
From the great morning of the world when first
God dawned on Chaos, in its stream emerged
The lamps of heaven flash with a softer light;
All baser things pant with fife’s sacred thirst;
Diffuse themselves; and spread in love’s delight.
The beauty and the joy of their renewed might.”
(Return of Spring -- Shelley)

Poets have often stung about winter and spring. They are nor merely passing phases and aspects of nature, but they point to the whole world of change, great upheavals and revolution. For the imaginative minds, they express deep philosophy of life yearning and hope, lull and rebirth, death and awakening.

Great Men Make Great Nations - English Essay

Great Men Make Great Nations

English Essay on "Great Men Make Great Nations"

Great men in human history are thrown up or are the product of a crisis or challenge. Such men give a turn to the course of history and events. They dig the foundations of a country or nation deep and build the edifice of nationhood strong. Besides, a nation or a country is known or identified by the great personalities, intellectuals, scientists, experts of renown who make unprecedented contribution in their areas of specialisation.

Muslim world is generally identified with mainly four eminent persons. They are Ibne Sena, Farabi; Ibn Rushd and Ibne Khaldun. Our country Pakistan is known by the name of its founder, Muhammad Au Jinnah and Allama Iqbal, Thinker & poet-Philosopher of the East and Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan the Scientist of late Pakistan was to come the 8th nuclear power in the world and first nuclear power in the Muslim world and by the singular contribution of this world renowned scientist.

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, the brain behind Pakistanis nuclear programme has made Pakistan invincible by gifting to the nation a nuclear deterrence. As a matter of fact he has redeemed the national honour and given Pakistanis a confidence in it. Capability to repel any aggression and neutralise any evil designs of its enemies. Besides, the entire Muslim world is proud of him and all leaders of Muslim countries are happy to see that Pakistan has become a nuclear power by the devotion, hard work and a monument of scientist Dr A Q Khan has been quite conscious of the challenges facing. Pakistan.

Examinations are a Necessary Evil - English Essay

Examinations are a Necessary Evil

English Essay on "Examinations are a Necessary Evil"

The system of evaluating the students’ performance through examinations is not a new practice. It is an age-old method. The critics of examination feel that examinations are not a reliable test of a student’s ability. They encourage cramming, as students study only out of fear of failing in the examinations. Besides, they feel it is not possible to mark all the papers uniformly without prejudice. However, examinations are necessary, because there is no uitable alternative to test students; all round progress — mental ability, originality, productivity, independent thinking — by developing proper methods of testing and evaluation.

Examinations are an age-old method of evaluating students performance. They are regarded as a curse by the students. The approach of an examination sets the students hearts pounding. They are left with the choice of either dropping out or applying themselves to working hard. There is no escape from them for any student wishing to do well in life. There is no short cut to success. No wonder, days before examinations are to commence, the schools, colleges and universities appear deserted. Students are given preparation-time to get ready for taking the examinations.

Examinations are held to test students’ mental ability and to assess the work they have done during a term to determine whether they have been utilising or wasting their time. Teaching and testing go hand in hand and at every stage of scholastic activity, some type of test is used to measure the performance of the pupils. The concept of measurement is not something new, we need some sort of tool to serve the purpose.

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Cowards Die Many Times before Death - English Essay

Cowards Die Many Times before Death

English Essay on "Cowards Die Many Times before Death"

Death comes to all, but the cowards experience death many times before they actually die. Each time they are faced with a crisis, they tremble in fear and are incapacitated. They become passive and cannot take any action to help themselves. The lose their self-respect in their own eyes which is equal to death. Why should one die more than once?

Death, it is well know, is the only certainty in this uncertain world. Everything else in this world is unreal, as everything is transitory, including man’s life. Death gets all, the king and the pauper, the rich and the poor, the old and the young, the ruler and the ruled, the pious and the sinner. And after death what? Nobody knows. With death ends all, at least the worldly existence. One dies leaving behind everything one has property, children, parents, relatives and friends. At the time of death, all of them may be standing around one, but none of them is able to help They are just silent spectators to the sad event. And this is what makes death poignant, impregnable and fearsome. One begins to tremble with fear when one is face to face with a dangerous situation, which may endanger life. Even the thought of death, if one goes on thinking about it, is depressing and may lead to a nervous breakdown. Apart from the certainty that it shall come one day death has another certainty about it. It comes only once in a person’s lifetime. One dies only once and then all is over. But iii certain senses, it may not be exactly true. There are people who die many times during their lifetime before the final death overtakes them. They are cowards. They die several times.

Ambition is the Great Enemy of Peace - English Essay

Ambition is the Great Enemy of Peace

English Essay on "Ambition is the Great Enemy of Peace"

Ambition is the Great Enemy of Peace Ambition is the basic tenet of human nature. Man is by nature a competitive being. He thrives on commotion and excels when pitted against an adversary. The evolution of man is the universal struggle it is the fittest and the strongest who survive, man is constantly at war with the forces that oppose him. His desire to conquer them spurs him into action. “Live and let live has never been practised by man. Consequently there have been wars since the dawn of prehistoric times. History is t record of wars waged by kings and emperors to gratify their ambitions. The efforts of great sages advocating peace, love and universal brotherhood have yielded to results. Man born ambitious, is not concerned about peace and tranquility. It is impossible to curb this basic instinct even for maintaining a semblance of peace.

Man is essentially an ambitious and competitive being. There has been no substantial change in man’s nature during his evolution. He is still a barbarian at heart, ready to kill an other for his own preservation or simply to prove his supremacy over the other, possibly a weaker person. Man may boast of all the technological advancement that has been made in the past centuries as a result of ingenuity, yet the fact remains that they have no made man more secure and wise. His lust for power is as strong ever. Driven by an unbridled ambition, be continues unmindful of the havoc he may cause in the lives of the other less driven souls.