Monday, 14 September 2015

Islam & Science - English Essay

Islam & Science

English Essay on "Islam & Science"

Why is it that for the last 500 years, the Muslim world has been so deficient in producing scientists and philosophers? Why is it that even now when the ummah commands such immense resources we lag so far behind in science and technology?

The reason is that the Muslim world has fallen victim to irrationalism, obscurantism, traditionalism and dogmatism. We love cliches. We play with platitudes. We are good at repeating timeworn and moth-eaten views. We revel in interpretation, but flinch from creative thinking. We bask in the glory of the past. We do riot have the courage to face harsh reality. We are in the stranglehold of mimesis. As Iqbal puts it: “We do not change, instead we change the Quran.” Intellectual stagnation is our lot. The historians and philosophers may differ about problems concerning science, but they are unanimous as regards the need of a particular weltanschauung (worldview) for the rise, growth and blossoming of science, which cannot develop in an atmosphere vitiated by fanaticism, intolerance, conservatism and irrationalism.

Science needs a weltanschauung whose keynote is enlightenment with tolerance, humanism and rationalism, as its driving force. As Iqbal puts it: “The truth is that all search for knowledge is essentially a form of prayer.

Islam & Modernity - English Essay

Islam & Modernity

English Essay on "Islam & Modernity"

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, in an article published in The Guardian, has compared militant Islam to Bolshevism and advocated massive use of force against it. “Islamic extremism today”, she writes, “like Bolshevism in the past, is an armed doctrine. It is an aggressive ideology promoted by fanatical well-armed devotees. And, like communism, it requires an all-embracing long-term strategy to defeat it.” Applauding American success against “Islamic terrorism”, Mrs. Thatcher has favoured strikes at “other centres of Islamic terror” in Africa, South-east Asia and elsewhere. Also she asks the West to cripple Muslim “rogue states” like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Sudan because they are “enemies of western values and interests”.

Mrs. Thatcher’s call for a crusade against militant Islam is almost an endorsement of what Professor Samuel Huntington forecast some years ago in his monumental work, The Clash of Civilizations: the next round would be between Islam and the West.

If the “second crusade” prediction comes true it will be a titanic global tragedy. But the worst sufferers will be Muslims because, unlike the Richard-Saladin crusade, this will be an altogether unequal contest.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Summer Vocation - English Essay

Summer Vocation

English Essay on "Summer Vocation"

Our school closed on May 25. We had been planning both at home, as well as with our friends, how we should spend the vacation this time. There were many proposals. My parents wished to go to our hometown, and be with my grand parents for about six weeks or so. My friends had a trekking expedition up their sleeves, while my classmates wished to go to some hill station, on an educational tour for which our class teacher had also given consent. I wished to avail of all the three proposals.

My class teacher had arranged for the railway concession for thirty-five students and three teachers.

Olympic Games - English Essay

Olympic Games

English Essay on "Olympic Games"

The ancient Olympics were rather different from the modem Games. The games were always held at Olympic instead of moving around to different sites. One young Athenian nobleman defended his political reputation by mentioning how he entered seven chariots in the Olympic Chariot — race. This high numbers of entries made both the aristocrat and Athens look very wealthy and powerful.

The ancient Olympic games were also a part of a major religious festival honoring it, the chief Greek god, were the biggest event in their world. They were seen of political rivalries between people from different parts of the Greek world, the site of controversies, boasts, public announcements, and humiliations.

Politics were present at the ancient Olympics in many forms, some valuable political deeds were recorded at Olympia. An inscription on a Victory statue honored practices of Ells not only for winning in the Olympia horse races, but also for making peace between the Achaeans and the Eleans, and negotiating the release of both sides’ prisoners of war. Olympia was also a place for announcing political alliances.

The Olympic festival is not only celebrated in athletics. It also provided the occasion for Greeks to produce lasting cultural achievements in architecture, mathematics, sculpture, and poetry.

The ancient Greeks were architectural innovators. The temple of Zeus, designed by the architect Libon, was one of the largest Doric temples built in Greece.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

My Aim in Life - English Essay

My Aim in Life

English Essay on "My Aim in Life"

Every person, a man or women has one or the other ambition in life. It is always a good thing to hove an ambition in one’s -- life. A man or women without an ambition is really unfortunate person. As it does not have any set destination, it will reach nowhere. Without any set aim a person can achieve nothing in his life. An ambition is very essential in one’s life.

Different persons have different ambitions in their lives. It differs from man to man. Some persons want to get wealth, others want to achieve fame still others want to do services to the mankind. Some want to become doctors, while others wont to become engineers. Some wont to become businessmen and others like to pursue a political career. Still others may like to become lawyers.

My ambition of life is to become a teacher. I do not want to be wealthy. I do not want to lead the glamorous life of an actor. But I wont to serve my country in a very humble capacity. Nearly 70% to the population ore illiterate.