Friday, 23 May 2014

A Cricket Match - English Essay

A Cricket Match

English Essay on "A Cricket Match"

The annual cricket match between our College Eleven and the Old Boys Team was played on the first Sunday of last March. This is the most popular sports event in our college The college team included four University selected payer while the Old Boys comprised the best players of previous years who were still active cricketers.

On that day, the Principal, the staff and almost all the students and a large number of old students were present. At 9 a.m. the play started. The Old Boys’ captain had won ‘the toss and decided to bat first. Our fast bowler Shamim opened the attack. He bowled quite fast, but his length was erratic. The batsman hit him to the boundary twice. From the other end Khalid bowled the second over.

His very first ball uprooted the middle stump. The spectators went wild with excitement. The next man appeared to be more confident. He sent the first ball to the boundary, over the head of the bowler. He flashed at the next ball and snicked it through the sIip. But the last ball of the over beat him and he was caught by the wicket-keeper.

My Favourite Book - English Essay

My Favourite Book

English Essay on "My Favourite Book"

The book I like most is Silas Marner. It is a short novel written by George Eliot. It is a very interesting novel with a simple but powerful story. The story is told in an excellent manner. I found it absorbing’ and fascinating. I have read quite a number of novels but none is better than this.

It is the story of a poor linen-weaver, Silas Marner. He was a pious and simple young man and lived in Lantern Yard. He lived by honest hard work and performed his religious duties with great devotion. People respected him. He had a close friend, William Dane. He was engaged to a girl named Sarah. He was happy and contented, for he had all he needed. But his happiness was short lived.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Subjects of Study - English Essay

Subjects of Study

English Essay on "Subjects of Study"

Right from the beginning, I have been dreaming of becoming an engineer. I have been studying Science subjects to achieve my ambition. At present I am in F. Sc. There are five subjects we have to study in all. These are English, Urdu (the two subjects compulsory for all F. A. or F. Sc. students), Physics, Chemistry
and Mathematics.

Urdu is our national language. But that is not the only reason I like it. I do so because I naturally like poetry. Poets like Mu Taqi Mir, Ghalib and fill my heart with pleasure and move me. I can appreciate good prose also, but my preference for poetry remains.

I am fully conscious of the fact that English is the most import at language in the world today. The mini reason i that information of the latest kind on all subjects is largely found in that language. Over the years, English has got the status of the international language.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Space Travel

Essay : [Space Travel]

English Essay on "Space Travel"

Space Travel

Points Means of exploration – Race of space exploration – Landing of Apollo 11 – Conclusion.
The earth is enveloped by many gases. This area is called atmosphere. Beyond this area comes the area of space or atmosphere in which there are no gases.
Generally there are three means of exploring the space. The first means is with the help of balloons. But it cannot go very high. Rockets are one of the two modern ways of exploring the space. There are several stages or sections in each rocket so that each may be dropped off after its fuel has been spent and thus reducing the total weight of the ascending rocket. The third modern method of exploring the space is through satellite. These are metallic spheres which contain various instruments. They are thrown into the space with the help of rockets. These rockets put them into the desired orbit. There the satellite begins to travel round the earth like artificial planets.

Technical Education in Pakistan

Essay : [Technical Education in Pakistan]

English Essay on "Technical Education in Pakistan"

Technical Education in Pakistan

Points Introduction – Lack of technical education – Need of technical education – Scope for employment – Office jobs are considered more respectable – Suggestions – Conclusion.
Technical education is the need of the hour. We live in the Machine Age. It is an age of large-scale production and it cannot be achieved without machinery. Political freedom cannot be preserved without economic stability. Economic stability cannot be achieved without the use of machine and modern technology.
There are many defects in our system of education. It is examination ridden. There is excessive emphasis on bookish learning. Cramming is encouraged. But the most serious defect is that the facilities for technical education are still very limited.
The need for technical education is very great. Our country is on the way to industrialization. We are setting up big plants and bigger factories. Huge dams and multi-purpose projects are being set up. We want to keep pace with the advanced countries of the west. The progress of a nation today depends on her industry and mechanized agriculture, without which a solid economy will not be possible. Even in defence matters we cannot depend merely on physical strength. A strong defence needs scientific equipment and mechanized divisions. And for this we need technical personnel.