Thursday, 23 July 2015

Prize Distribution Function My College - English Essay

Prize Distribution Function My College

English Essay on "Prize Distribution Function My College"

Prize Distribution Function is important in the life of a college. It comes only once Hi a year. This generates new enthusiasm in the college. A strong link is established with the public. ‘This function is really very attractive.
Like other years, this year also the function attracted hall-packed audience consisting of parents and invitees. The prize giving function of the college was held on the 15th January. The Director of Education was invited to grace the occasion as the chief guest. The preparations for the function started a month earlier. The college building was white washed. The college hail, where the function was to be held, was beautifully decorated with pictures and charts. On the appointed day a beautiful table and certain chairs were placed on the stage. The carpets were spread to seat the students and in the rest of the hail, chairs were arranged.

My Experience in the Examination Hall - English Essay

My Experience in the Examination Hall

English Essay on "My Experience in the Examination Hall"

It is motivating to pen an only some lines on occurrence which I come transversely in examination hall. My First Matric exam was held in year 2014. I examine a lot on night preceding the examination day. I revised my entire course though my father warned me against the consequences of study upto late at night but .I did not pay some heed to his advice.
I go to examination hall almost at the right time. The instant I was climb stairs, the first bell rang. I quick to the hall and searched for the scat bearing my roll number. In five minutes all examines took their particular seats. My heart was palpitating. I begin to feel worried. The controller of the examination read about the instructions of Board to students.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Karachi City

Karachi City

English Essay on "Karachi City"

Karachi is the heart of Pakistan. We are living in Karachi. In Karachi, we are faced with many problems but Traffic problem, water problem, and other many problems are major problems of the Karachi.

1- Traffic Problem
Traffic Problem is the first major problem of Karachi. The means of transports in Karachi are buses, trains, local trains, rickshaws, taxies and other many private cars, etc. Although there are many buses in Karachi but many people travel daily hanging on the footboard and so there are many accidents occurring daily. In the time of evening it is very difficult to get a rickshaw or taxi so the traffic problems very important problem of Karachi.

A Picnic

A Picnic

English Essay on "A Picnic"

Last Friday, we went out for a picnic. It was a fantastic day and we decided to go to the beach. My mother made some snacks and we brought bananas, apples and oranges on the way. Our bus moved along the main road and after passing through many streets, reached the seashore. The bus was packed to capacity and it looked like every one was going to the beach. As we got off, a cool morning breeze was blowing and the seal looked cool and inviting. We took a nice, long walk and then went for horse riding. I wanted to go into the water but my father did not allow me. He said it was too risky. My brother had brought his Camera along and we clicked many snaps.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Laptop Computers - English Essay

Laptop Computers

English Essay on "Laptop Computers"

Computer is a latest model of science but in new and modern age Laptop. Computer is also latest invention of science. Desktop Computers are used in all kinds of office and others private and Government firms laptops are very different in use. Although laptop-, computer is very latest invention of science but is very useful and very small in size.

2- Advantages of Loptops Computer:
Laptop Computer has many advantages.
These are the following in statements:
1- Laptop Computes are small in size.