Friday, 17 February 2017

Pen is Mightier than the Sword - English Essay

Pen is Mightier than the Sword

English Essay on "Pen is Mightier than the Sword"

Before the dawn of civilization man overpowered the weak with his physical strength, Might was right. In the struggle for existence, it was the survival of the physically fittest. As man became aware of his intellectual ability, he learned to turn things in his favour by using his brain, gradually he discovered that it is possible to move even mountains without resorting to the use of sword. The written word has the power to create a revolution in the minds of men. Today it is an undisputed fact that the written word is a very powerful tool. Many a battle can be won through the peaceful use of pen than by crossing swords.

Before the dawn of civilization man overpowered the weak with his physical strength. In the struggle for existence, it was the survival of the fittest. Might was right. He had no qualms of conscience while killing his prey, so the prehistoric man was almost barbaric and lived slowly on the strength of his muscle power. Gradually man became aware of his intellectual ability. He learned to turn things in his favour by using his brain. He realised he was superior to all in the animal kingdom due to his ability to rationalise and think. He began applying his intellect to deal with day-to-day situation. The civilization advanced, it became apparent that there was no need to cross swords to solve all the problems. In fact, it was realised that pen is mightier than the sword. A sword may kill a man, but it certainly cannot bring about a change of heart or values.

Lesson of The Past - English Essay

Lesson of The Past

English Essay on "Lesson of The Past"

“Education about to only thing lying around loose in the world, and it’s about the only thing a fellow can have as much of as he’s willing to haul away.”

Our lives are governed by time that can be divided into three periods: Past, Present and Future. Man is a rational being. He can ruminate over the past; live in the present and plunge into the future. From the cradle to the grave, our lives and actions are moulded and measured by time. It is a famous saying that “the stuff of which life is made, is time.”

The mighty ocean rolls on an d man is tossed by the waves of time. History picks up the pearls and the shells and preserves them for the coming generations. Wheat has happened and passed is real and reliable; what is happening is incomplete and incompetent; and what will happen is uncertain and doubtful. Thus the records of history are the richest treasures. We can pick up what we choose so writes Omer Khayyam is his ‘Rubaiyat.’

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Leisure Its Use and Abuse - English Essay

Leisure Its Use and Abuse

English Essay on "Leisure Its Use and Abuse"

Leisure is the free time that one gets after attending to responsibilities in life. How one spends one’s leisure time reveals a lot about the person’s interests and inclination. Leisure helps to break the monotony of everyday life existence and rejuvenates to fight the battles of life again. However, some people misuse their free time and indulge in gossip, drinking, hanging around coffee houses. They don t nurture themselves. In fact they dissipate their energies in useless activities. Besides, anyone who has too much time on hand also can‘t appreciate the value of leisure. Undoubtedly, leisure has its uses and abuses. It depends on the individual to make the most of it or waste it.

Hunger and food, thirst and water, progeny and procreation — they have remained the primary needs of mankind ever since the first Man and the first Woman came into being on the blessed Earth. With the passage of time, slowly but surely, Man came out of the confines and compulsions of his physical, biological and physiological urges so as to make a mark of his distinct and distinguished contribution to the something process of process and prosperity, in fields other than bread and butter.

Modern man’s life has become very busy. Today, man has no time for himself. He is caught in the battle of survival for existence. The poet had rightly said that ‘what is this life if full of care, we have no times to stand and stare. It is indeed a sad life, where a man gets no time to nurture himself by doing things he enjoys doing. There are some who have no choice in the matter. Life is series of battles for them and there is no time to think of relaxation and leisure. But there are others who are compulsive workers.

Friday, 20 January 2017

If Winter Comes, Can Spring Be Far Behind - English Essay

If Winter Comes, Can Spring Be Far Behind

English Essay on "If Winter Comes, Can Spring Be Far Behind"

“A quickening life from the earth’s heart has burst,
As it has ever done, with change and motion,
From the great morning of the world when first
God dawned on Chaos, in its stream emerged
The lamps of heaven flash with a softer light;
All baser things pant with fife’s sacred thirst;
Diffuse themselves; and spread in love’s delight.
The beauty and the joy of their renewed might.”
(Return of Spring -- Shelley)

Poets have often stung about winter and spring. They are nor merely passing phases and aspects of nature, but they point to the whole world of change, great upheavals and revolution. For the imaginative minds, they express deep philosophy of life yearning and hope, lull and rebirth, death and awakening.

Great Men Make Great Nations - English Essay

Great Men Make Great Nations

English Essay on "Great Men Make Great Nations"

Great men in human history are thrown up or are the product of a crisis or challenge. Such men give a turn to the course of history and events. They dig the foundations of a country or nation deep and build the edifice of nationhood strong. Besides, a nation or a country is known or identified by the great personalities, intellectuals, scientists, experts of renown who make unprecedented contribution in their areas of specialisation.

Muslim world is generally identified with mainly four eminent persons. They are Ibne Sena, Farabi; Ibn Rushd and Ibne Khaldun. Our country Pakistan is known by the name of its founder, Muhammad Au Jinnah and Allama Iqbal, Thinker & poet-Philosopher of the East and Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan the Scientist of late Pakistan was to come the 8th nuclear power in the world and first nuclear power in the Muslim world and by the singular contribution of this world renowned scientist.

Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, the brain behind Pakistanis nuclear programme has made Pakistan invincible by gifting to the nation a nuclear deterrence. As a matter of fact he has redeemed the national honour and given Pakistanis a confidence in it. Capability to repel any aggression and neutralise any evil designs of its enemies. Besides, the entire Muslim world is proud of him and all leaders of Muslim countries are happy to see that Pakistan has become a nuclear power by the devotion, hard work and a monument of scientist Dr A Q Khan has been quite conscious of the challenges facing. Pakistan.